Why Change

Change is good! especially when…

Over 40% of the Moroccan population is illiterate, about 60% of them are women.  The state of education is beyond deplorable. There are no social guarantees for the poor. According to Human Rights Watch, Morocco has one of the highest child labor rates in the Middle East and North Africa. Although Moroccan law prohibits children under fifteen from working, government statistics suggest that at least six hundred thousand children age seven through fourteen 11 percent of all children in that age groupare engaged in economic activity. There are also between 10,000 and 14,000 street children in Morocco. According to Baiti association 98% of them are now addicted to sniffing glue. Children are our future: we need to act through integrated policies that place education, children and women as priorities to achieve sustainable change. Our success as a nation depends on how (fast) we act to bring about positive impacts benefiting these three critical aspects that shape Morocco’s future.

Active participation in social, economic and political projects will promote the adoption of efficient policies as well as monitoring and participation mechanisms that ensure accountability and help Morocco move forward.


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