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SlutWalk #Morocco or #Moroccan feminism gone berserk?

Have you heard of SlutWalk? And have you heard of SlutWalk Morocco? “The Walk started after a policeman in Toronto, Canada told a group of young college women that if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn’t dress like sluts.”  NPR posted this interesting interview around the concept with writer Rebecca Traister. Traister supports … Continue reading

Bracing for the post-constitutional referendum phase ~ #feb20

On March 9th, when King Mohammed VI made his much anticipated constitutional reform speech, the streets of Morocco along with many Moroccan Facebook Walls buzzed with excitement. A most skeptic Moroccan tweeted on that day: “This was beyond what I had expected!“ The King had personally embraced the urgency of change, as he promised to … Continue reading

Tariq Ramadan refers to Arab Spring as “The Islamic Awakening of the Arab Region” #Feb20

Watch Tariq Ramadan discuss women’s role in Arab Spring, but in Islamic context and in terms of revolution, and not in terms of freedom, democracy or reform: Video Part 1 & Video Part 2  In the end, Tariq ramadan closes the discussion by thanking his guest, saying: “Thank you so much for your energy and pushing the … Continue reading