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Momken Movement Presents: Moroccan Voices For Democracy #JUL1

The organization “Momken” (translates into “It’s possible”) features Moroccans expressing their reasons for voting Yes, No, or for abstaining/boycotting. One man voting “Yes” said: “I will vote yes because I belong to a political group who has decided to vote Yes. However, I do respect the choice of others to vote No, and I also … Continue reading

Hamza Mahfoud leading #Feb20 figure: “Reasons behind our #Jul1 boycott”

Hamza Mahfoud a leading figure of the Feb20 youth movement in Morocco explains the movement’s reasons and arguments behind the decision to boycott the constitutional referendum. Speaking in Darija (Moroccan dialect), he argues that if the constitutional project had offered a parliamentary monarchy, he would have personally called to vote Yes on it. However, he … Continue reading

Aljazeera English: Inside Story – “The King and the constitution” ~ #Feb20 #Khitab

Some interesting perspectives on the king’s speech from several MENA affaires experts: