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Bracing for the post-constitutional referendum phase ~ #feb20

On March 9th, when King Mohammed VI made his much anticipated constitutional reform speech, the streets of Morocco along with many Moroccan Facebook Walls buzzed with excitement. A most skeptic Moroccan tweeted on that day: “This was beyond what I had expected!“ The King had personally embraced the urgency of change, as he promised to … Continue reading

Have you heard the #Feb20? They’re talking about the S word!

The uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia share many common characteristics: Beyond the successful ouster for their dictators, both presented a change agenda focused on better standards of living, jobs, education, less corruption, and more social justice; an agenda seemingly clear of any religious claims that many have consequently labeled as “secular.” Yet, in post-revolutionary Egypt, … Continue reading

Le Makhzen et la Carte Salafiste ~ #feb20

Et voila, un tour de ruse Makhzenélique et le discours sur le changement vire de la réforme constitutionnelle au  rôle du salafisme dans un Maroc post-changement. En d’autres termes : Cha3biya l3aziz : un petit avant-gout du changement, voici, la photo de CEUX qui vont vous manger! les salafistes, des loups déguisés en agneaux, admirez déjà ce(ux) … Continue reading