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Dear NYT, Thank you!

Dear NYT, Thank you, thank you, thank you for publishing the Op-ed Hail the Democratic King. What warm show of support towards the historic accomplishment of my country! Thank you for insisting that we are an exception where almost 100% of us agree to vote Yes on a gifted Constitution. I bet that makes your … Continue reading

Our Vote – by Nour Maxwell

We’ve each voted for different reasons. Some voted with their emotions others used some kind of logical explanation. Some voted Yes because they are diehard optimists, others voted No because they are simply wired to oppose. Some voted based on their status, others based on their gender, and yet many others based on their ideology, … Continue reading

Excellent roundup from the Moroccan blogosphere by Hisham Almiraat ~ #Feb20

Via Global Voices – Reform With the Taste of an Unfinished Business: “After several months of street protests, King Mohammed VI, submitted a draft constitution to a popular referendum on Friday. According to official results, the proposed document received a 98 per cent approval rating, in a poll that drove massive turnout (73%) among registered … Continue reading