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Rapping for Democracy: Tell’ em you exist!

Young Moroccan rappers calling upon all youth to vote, and they nailed it! Watch the video and enjoy the English translation. Leave a comment. What do you think? TELL’ EM YOU EXIST! IT’S ALL IN YOUR HANDS, DO WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOURSELF AND YOU TOO (MAN), AND YOU TOO (WOMAN) COME ALONG! 5 YEARS HAVE PAST … Continue reading

The rapist is free, the rapper is in jail

Politics in my country are plain boring; the rules are rigged from the beginning, so the game is no fun watching, and missing it, doesn’t seem to make a difference. But indifference is really hard to sustain when cheating results in crime and violations of basic freedoms.   Amina Filali and Moad El Haked. Both … Continue reading

Casualty of Development

As a child growing up in Morocco, my mother used to take me to the medina on the weekend to run different errands that she couldn’t get accomplished during a busy week at work. Stopping by the waterman to get a drink was part of the routine. Looking back, I am quite amazed at the trust … Continue reading