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SlutWalk #Morocco or #Moroccan feminism gone berserk?

Have you heard of SlutWalk? And have you heard of SlutWalk Morocco? “The Walk started after a policeman in Toronto, Canada told a group of young college women that if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn’t dress like sluts.”  NPR posted this interesting interview around the concept with writer Rebecca Traister. Traister supports … Continue reading

Get on it!

The environmental catastrophe that took place in Moulouya reveals once more the critical importance of corporate social responsibility. The video below highlights the tragic situation in Moulouya with tons of dead fish laying across kilometers on the Moulouya banks. Why did this happen? How did it happen? Who is responsible? Too many questions, very little answers. … Continue reading

Dear NYT, Thank you!

Dear NYT, Thank you, thank you, thank you for publishing the Op-ed Hail the Democratic King. What warm show of support towards the historic accomplishment of my country! Thank you for insisting that we are an exception where almost 100% of us agree to vote Yes on a gifted Constitution. I bet that makes your … Continue reading