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Moroccan Tahreer Square in the works? #Feb20 #Jan25

Via Mamfakinch: Moroccan protesters in Casablanca are contemplating whether they should stage a permanent sit-in a la Egypt’s Tahreer Square. Advertisements

Next Step for the #Feb20 Movement: Proposing Change

The feb20 movement’s contestation campaign has been highly successful, drawing on larger protests by the day, rallying new representatives of the civil society, and creating the right momentum for change. The Feb20 contestation strategy fulfilled its mission: it pointed to the right issues, using the right momentum building tools, and reaching out wide and large … Continue reading


Everyone who follows Morocco’s February 20 protests knows “Mamfakinch” by now.  If you don’t already, you definitely should check them out: Mamfakinch.  You can also follow them on Twitter & Facebook. Mamfakinch is a news portal that was launched just before the February 20 protests were scheduled to take place, primarily with the intent to … Continue reading