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Rebuttal to the skeptics ~ #Feb20

The following is from another friend of mine, in response to Note from my friend: Why I don’t support the #Feb20 Dear friend of my friend, I am angry! I am angry because there are many Moroccans like you. They are not necessarily bad or ill-intentioned. They don’t benefit from the status quo. They are not sleeping with … Continue reading

BBC interview with Zineb Belmkaddem from the #Feb20 Rabat!

Zineb Belmkaddem, a member of the February 20th Movement  in Rabat, provides an excellent overview of the current state of the February 20th movement and the peaceful protests for democracy. She describes the movement as leaderless and democratic. Zineb says: “Every time we come out, it becomes clear that we first want to achieve freedom … Continue reading

تاثيرالازمة الاقتصادية على المهاجرين المغاربة باسبانيا

In this analysis written in Arabic, Mounir El Aomari, a Moroccan living in Spain, provides some key figures about the impact of the global economic crisis on Moroccan immigrants in Spain. The data shows an increase in the rate of unemployment, lower standards of living targeting primarily workers in construction but also higher skilled workers. This … Continue reading