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“The unknown Moroccan Islamists” – Insightful article on Morocco’s Islamists and #Feb20

The unknown Moroccan Islamists: “In Morocco, as in every country in the region, Islamists represent a diverse, evolving, and messy field. The term “Islamist” could reasonably be applied to the banned JSO; or to the legal political party, the Party of Justice and Development (PJD); or to a bevy of illegal Salafi oriented groups. It … Continue reading

Tariq Ramadan refers to Arab Spring as “The Islamic Awakening of the Arab Region” #Feb20

Watch Tariq Ramadan discuss women’s role in Arab Spring, but in Islamic context and in terms of revolution, and not in terms of freedom, democracy or reform: Video Part 1 & Video Part 2  In the end, Tariq ramadan closes the discussion by thanking his guest, saying: “Thank you so much for your energy and pushing the … Continue reading

ANALYSIS: Expanded GCC seeks to face Iran, uprisings

Cat’s out of the bag now, this GCC new deal is mainly an alliance of Sunnis against Shiites : “This vision is supported by Fahd Kheitan, chief editor of the independent Alarab Alyawm daily newspaper, who considers the expansion of the GCC to include Jordan and Morocco as a ‘type of strategic alliance designed to deal … Continue reading