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Dear NYT, Thank you!

Dear NYT, Thank you, thank you, thank you for publishing the Op-ed Hail the Democratic King. What warm show of support towards the historic accomplishment of my country! Thank you for insisting that we are an exception where almost 100% of us agree to vote Yes on a gifted Constitution. I bet that makes your … Continue reading

Shmack Attack! ~ #Feb20

Rejoice fellow Moroccans! The Shmacks are here. Meaner, uglier, and scarier by the day…They are finally on a real mission to save the planet! I mean…Morocco… Wait don’t roll your car windows up just yet…the Shmacks don’t care for you anymore! They’ve been promoted to a whole new status. No they don’t have to walk … Continue reading

The Smart Ass in Me…

When I am asked: what is the worst insult in Morocco? I remember to warn people not to ever dare call someone an ass (donkey). For this gentle, hard working and resilient animal brings out the worst in Moroccans, and the simple use of the word can lead to disproportionate physical violence. I too always … Continue reading