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Interview With Hilana Rizki, a #Feb20 Member in Rabat

“We are doing our part as a youth movement to add fresh energy and new ideas into the mix. We are moving ahead passionately, and hoping to inspire others to do the same. As I tell people, if you say nothing, and do nothing, nothing will change. So, we just want to encourage people to … Continue reading

Petition Supporting Feb20 Youth Movement

Sign the Petition Supporting The February 20 Youth Movement  Let’s all show them some love!

How Many #Feb20 Movements Are There Morocco? We’ve got a list

Egypt had one youth movement spearheading the fight for change and democracy on Facebook: 6th of April Youth Movement. How about Morocco? Well, as it turns out, not only do we have our own youth movement for change, we also have a bunch of other movements too. So as an attempt to help raise awareness, … Continue reading