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Prof. Driss Benali weighs in on Constitutional Reforms: A pessimistic outlook with regards to the treatment of the #Feb20 ~ #JUL1

Professor Driss Ben Ali [article in French]: “We have a country that has every opportunity to make a qualitative leap towards democracy without too much damage. Unfortunately, I see that things are moving to the contrary and it pains me immensely. I’m a little pessimistic about the turn of events!”  Hat tip Transparency Maroc Advertisements

Professor Driss Ben Ali on Morocco and #Feb20 – English Transcript

Professor Driss Ben Ali offers a detailed analysis of Morocco’s sociopolitical landscape, highlighting its successes, failures and opportunities. He offers a roadmap on how to tackle the challenges ahead and avoid eminent disaster.    ” On Economic Development and Wealth distribution: Regarding the issue of economic growth, let’s use the example of Tunisia. What happened in Tunisia? The growth rate was … Continue reading