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2011 is the year of freedom. It is the year where I personally got hooked on this new opium of the people and started largely dealing it. I dealt it by tweeting and posting on Facebook walls. I dealt it by blogging and passing on information to the press. I consumed it and called it peaceful democratic transition. I … Continue reading

SlutWalk #Morocco or #Moroccan feminism gone berserk?

Have you heard of SlutWalk? And have you heard of SlutWalk Morocco? “The Walk started after a policeman in Toronto, Canada told a group of young college women that if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn’t dress like sluts.”  NPR posted this interesting interview around the concept with writer Rebecca Traister. Traister supports … Continue reading

Morocco to hold parliamentary elections in mid-November

Morocco to hold “early vote in mid-November: “RABAT — Morocco announced plans Sunday to hold early parliamentary elections in mid-November, as the Arab world’s longest serving monarchy pursues reforms in response to protests inspired by the Arab Spring. During long overnight negotiations with the interior ministry, officials from some 20 political parties in the north … Continue reading