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The environmental catastrophe that took place in Moulouya reveals once more the critical importance of corporate social responsibility. The video below highlights the tragic situation in Moulouya with tons of dead fish laying across kilometers on the Moulouya banks. Why did this happen? How did it happen? Who is responsible? Too many questions, very little answers. … Continue reading

King Mohamed’s Profit Sharing With Youth ~ #Feb20 #Morocco

According to Arabic daily Al Quds Al Arabi, King Mohamed VI has decided to share a portion of his business profits to help finance projects for unemployed youth. The information has not yet been confirmed by the royal palace.

Corporate Social Responsibility and the February 20th Movement for change ~ #feb20 #Morocco

[Update: News came out today that Tangiers residents decided to freeze their utilities payment to French water distribution agency Amendis, a Veolia subsidiary] On February 19th, ahead of the February 20th protests, Tangiers, a city sitting on the Mediterranean shore of Morocco, broke into violent protests targeting the French water distribution firm Veolia.  Similar to … Continue reading