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Heartwrenching story of a #Feb20 skeptic turned supporter

By Hisham Almiraat via Global Voices: “Younes wrote a moving letter that he shared via the Internet, in which he explained his background and how he went from being a skeptic of the movement to one of its staunch supporters. The document spread like wildfire in the Moroccan blogosphere and was quickly echoed by several … Continue reading

تاثيرالازمة الاقتصادية على المهاجرين المغاربة باسبانيا

In this analysis written in Arabic, Mounir El Aomari, a Moroccan living in Spain, provides some key figures about the impact of the global economic crisis on Moroccan immigrants in Spain. The data shows an increase in the rate of unemployment, lower standards of living targeting primarily workers in construction but also higher skilled workers. This … Continue reading

Great article by Der Spiegel on #Feb20, one thing though…

Morocco’s Youth Want Their Own Form of Change: “They achieved one success when the king appointed Abdesselam Aboudrar, founder of the Moroccan branch of Transparency International, to be the president of a government agency that will take action against corruption.”  This important detail threw us off a little, thinking did we miss the news somehow?  … Continue reading