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Morocco to hold parliamentary elections in mid-November

Morocco to hold “early vote in mid-November: “RABAT — Morocco announced plans Sunday to hold early parliamentary elections in mid-November, as the Arab world’s longest serving monarchy pursues reforms in response to protests inspired by the Arab Spring. During long overnight negotiations with the interior ministry, officials from some 20 political parties in the north … Continue reading

Yes, they can…Can we?

The last few weeks have revealed that protests for democratic change in Morocco are still running their course, yet speculations that the movement has been hijacked by Islamists are rising to the point where its most fervent defenders have made clear statements confirming the news. At the same time, It seems like the supporters for … Continue reading

Our Vote – by Nour Maxwell

We’ve each voted for different reasons. Some voted with their emotions others used some kind of logical explanation. Some voted Yes because they are diehard optimists, others voted No because they are simply wired to oppose. Some voted based on their status, others based on their gender, and yet many others based on their ideology, … Continue reading