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Rapping for Democracy: Tell’ em you exist!

Young Moroccan rappers calling upon all youth to vote, and they nailed it! Watch the video and enjoy the English translation. Leave a comment. What do you think? TELL’ EM YOU EXIST! IT’S ALL IN YOUR HANDS, DO WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOURSELF AND YOU TOO (MAN), AND YOU TOO (WOMAN) COME ALONG! 5 YEARS HAVE PAST … Continue reading

The Niqab would make me feel alienated, and no law will ever force me to wear it

This article is a rebuttal by a Muslim Moroccan woman to an article published by The Guardian “The Niqab makes me feel liberated and no law will stop me from wearing it. As Muslim women fight for their emancipation, 20 year old Semaa Abdulwali publishes in the Guardian: “The niqab makes me feel liberated, and no law will stop me from … Continue reading

The rapist is free, the rapper is in jail

Politics in my country are plain boring; the rules are rigged from the beginning, so the game is no fun watching, and missing it, doesn’t seem to make a difference. But indifference is really hard to sustain when cheating results in crime and violations of basic freedoms.   Amina Filali and Moad El Haked. Both … Continue reading