Moroccans for Change (M4C) is a platform for Moroccans and supporters of change all around the world. We believe in change through peaceful means, and strive to contribute to better social, economic and political conditions in Morocco.  We serve as a channel for all voices supporting social empowerment through peace, equality  and freedom in Morocco. We seek to promote a greater visibility of Morocco’s social and economic needs in order to promote interest in social programs supporting local communities as well as  encourage economic investments creating opportunities for youth and most vulnerable groups. M4C is also a source of education about our country. Check this site often and follow us on Facebook “Moroccans For Change” for daily postings, articles, videos, and tweets about how you can help sustainable change in Morocco.

Who We Are

We are Moroccans who believe in freedom and dignity for all. We aspire to a democratic, sustainable and modern Morocco, where men, women, Arabs and Imazighen, people from all walks of life and beliefs, can enjoy equal access to freedoms, resources, and economic opportunities. We believe that together, we can do better and help our country move forward so that its children can see a better day.

Contact: Moroccansforchange@gmail.com


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