The rapist is free, the rapper is in jail


Politics in my country are plain boring; the rules are rigged from the beginning, so the game is no fun watching, and missing it, doesn’t seem to make a difference. But indifference is really hard to sustain when cheating results in crime and violations of basic freedoms.


Amina Filali and Moad El Haked. Both young, both victims of a rigged game of powerful cheaters. Amina was totally powerless and stripped from any leftover dignity when she was raped at 15. A year later, she commits suicide after enduring months of continued sexual violence.  The cheaters had made the rules; her rapist can marry her, and he won’t have to serve jail time.

The cheaters protected the rules, and maintained them even after her death.

They will debate, they say, article 475 of the penal code, in the meantime, a few rapists can still enjoy semi legalized rape… After all, they can marry their victims.

Nick Kristof, you and I can wish Brianna a happy birthday, but in Morocco, legalized sexual violence means that we can’t even wish happy birthday to Amina!  And “it may not always be a bad thing for a rapist to marry his victim,”  says my minister for family affairs, a woman… or so they say …

In a land of cheaters, Amina was out of the game, unimportant, trivial, a mere casualty of a rigged arrangement. She was so insignificant that she is dead.

HAKED on the other hand has the power of music and words, he knew of the rigged game and denounced it through his art, but his music was too loud. the words reached the cheaters, so they decided to shut his music, erase his lyrics, kill his art, and bury his voice.

The rapist is free. The rapper is in jail. The rigged game carries on.



2 thoughts on “The rapist is free, the rapper is in jail

  1. I’m outraged inside and wish i could scream all of it out.. wish and hope this is the place to do it!

    Posted by manal belouadif | March 10, 2013, 7:28 pm
  2. Nice to see articles from Moroccans complaining about this kind of situations. Congrart. Happy to discover ur site

    Posted by bbecares | March 22, 2013, 6:54 pm

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