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Countdown to Elections in Morocco: Timeline & List of Political Parties

Sometime after Ramadan, Morocco will enter the election period (currently set for October). In an effort to help inform our readers on the developments, we’re compiling a list of political parties in Morocco and a timeline with news updates.  We welcome everyone’s contribution/feedback to add to the list.

Marked in RED are details we’re adding to the list on prominent political party members (party leaders, ministers, etc. frequently in the news). This list will also include new information as it becomes available

Parties that took part in the 2007 election, ranked by most to least popular votes

(1) Istiqlal Party (Parti de l’Indépendance)

Abbas El Fassi – Prime Minister

Yasmina Baddou – Minister of Health

(2) Justice and Development Party – PJD (Parti de la Justice et du Développement)

Abdelillah Benkirane – Party leader

(3) People’s Movement (Mouvement Populaire)

(4) National Rally of Independents – RNI (Rassemblement National des Indépendents)

Moncef Belkhayat – Minister of Youth and Sports

Amina Benkhadra – Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment

(5) Socialist Union of Popular Forces – USFP (Union Socialiste des Forces Populaires)

Ahmed Reda Chami – Minister of Industry, Commerce & New Technologies

(6) Constitutional Union (Union Constitutionelle)

(7) Party of Progress and Socialism – PPS (Parti du Progrès et du Socialisme)

Nouzha Skalli – Minister of Social Development, Family & Solidarity

Khalid Naciri – Minister of Communication

(8) National Democratic Party (Parti National Démocrate)

Joint list:
*  National Congress Party (Parti du Congrès National Ittihadi)
*  Democratic Socialist Vanguard Party (Parti de l’Avant-garde Démocratique Socialiste)
*  United Socialist Party (Parti socialiste unifié)

(10) Labour Party (Parti travailliste)

(11) Environment and Development Party (Parti de l’Environnement et du Développement)

(12) Party of Renewal and Equity (Parti du Renouveau et de l’Équité)

(13) Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste)

(14) Moroccan Union for Democracy (Union Marocaine pour la Démocratie)

(15) Citizens’ Forces (Forces Citoyennes)

(16) Alliance of Liberties (Alliance des Libertés)

(17) Citizenship and Development Initiative (Initiative Citoyenneté et Développement)

(18) Party of Renaissance and Virtue (Parti de la renaissance et de la vertu)

(19) Reform and Development Party (Parti de la Réforme et du  Développement)

(20) Moroccan Liberal Party (Parti Marocain Libéral)

(21) Democratic Independence Party (Parti Démocratique et de  l’Indépendance)

(22) Action Party (Parti de l’Action)

(23) Social Centre Party (Parti du Centre Social)

(24) Party of Hope (Parti de l’Espoir)

(25) Party of al-Badil al-Hadari (Parti d’al-Badil al-Hadari)

(26) Democratic Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste Démocratique)

(27) Renaissance Party (Parti Annahda)

(28) Party of Liberty and Social Justice (Parti de la Liberté et de la Justice Sociale)

Additional notes:

Minister of Foreign Affaires, Taieb Fassi Fihri is not a member of any political party, according to his profile entry on Wikipedia.

Morocco’s Advisory Board on Regionalization released a report in March 2011, proposing a re-distribution of Morocco’s current regional outline of 16 regions to 12 regions, where each region gets to run its own local democratically elected government.  No word yet if the proposal was approved.

1 : Tanger-Tétouan ; 2 : East and Rif ; 3 : Fès-Meknès ; 4 : Rabat-Salé-Kénitra ; 5 : Beni Mellal-Khénifra ; 6 : Casablanca-Settat ; 7 : Marrakech-Safi ; 8 : Drâa-Tafilalet ; 9 : Souss-Massa; 10 : Guelmim-Oued Noun ; 11 : Laâyoun-Saguia Al Hamra ; 12 : Dakhla-Oued Eddahab

Election News & Opinion


Tangiers #Feb20 members joining the RNI: News or propaganda?First, the news came out in this article in Annahar Al Maghrebia about an apparent split in the Feb20 movement in the Tangiers and Tetouan region.  Then Moncef Belkhayat, Minister of Youth and Sports, confirmed that the majority of the Feb20 youth from Tangiers joined his Party, the National Rally of Independents (RNI).


Ousama El Khalifi, a leading member of the Feb20 in Rabat considers running for public office as a member of the USFP

Moorish Wanderer – The original Sin of Moroccan Politics: “So the book should be closed -not on the movement, but on any ground-breaking “changing of the guard” in the political spectrum. This is one of these rare occasions where I take off my “left-wingy, radical nuts” and try very hard to consider Moroccan politics from a dispassionate viewpoint…” 


Moroccan king urges prompt elections to speed reforms: “RABAT, July 30 (Reuters) – Morocco’s King Mohammed called on Saturday for prompt parliamentary polls to expedite a new constitution that reduces his powers, after months of protests inspired by revolts in Tunisia and Egypt”


A new website was launched by a young Moroccan to monitor developments on the upcoming elections in Morocco: Intikhabate 2011


Are early Moroccan polls bid to stave off protests?: “RABAT (Reuters) – Morocco’s King Mohammed is pushing for early polls to hasten reforms he has initiated but this alone is unlikely to satisfy critics without serious steps to curb corruption and to give the next assembly teeth”


Interior Minister demands investigating information published by weekly on some parties’ intervention in appointment of Walis and governors: “…allegations about the intervention of some parties in the appointment of Walis and Governors to positions of responsibility within the territorial and central administration”

[Fr] Interview with Mohamed Moujahid, party leader of the PSU (United Socialist Party).


Morocco may expand parliament: “The most important bill being discussed, and the one that has caused the most disagreement, is the draft law on the Chamber of Representatives. One of the points of disagreement concerns the number of parliamentarians in the lower house”

Morocco to set vote date after parties agree on format: “RABAT — All political parties in Morocco must agree on the procedures for upcoming legislative elections before a vote date can be set, Communications Minister Khalid Naciri said Thursday”


Morocco to hold “early vote” in mid-November: “RABAT — Morocco announced plans Sunday to hold early parliamentary elections in mid-November, as the Arab world’s longest-serving monarchy pursues reforms in response to protests inspired by the Arab Spring”


Morocco says early elections set for Nov 25: “RABAT Aug 16 (Reuters) – Morocco on Tuesday said it would hold a parliamentary election on Nov. 25, ten months ahead of schedule, as the kingdom rushed to adopt constitutional reforms designed to head off an “Arab spring”-style uprising”




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  1. Je suis terriblement éffondrée.J’ai contribué à faire élire François Hollande au second tour d’abord parce que j’étais convaincue de changement qui était annoncé et à l’élaboration d’un gouvernement irréprochable. Quel désespoir de découvrir que François Hollande fait le choix en tant que chef du gouvernement Jean Marc Ayrault, qui n’est clairement pas irréprochable. Ayrault a clairement était condamné à une peine de prison pour fait de favoritisme ! Quelle déception..

    Posted by Rachel Bastillette | May 14, 2012, 7:06 am


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