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Shmack Attack! ~ #Feb20

Rejoice fellow Moroccans! The Shmacks are here. Meaner, uglier, and scarier by the day…They are finally on a real mission to save the planet! I mean…Morocco…

Wait don’t roll your car windows up just yet…the Shmacks don’t care for you anymore! They’ve been promoted to a whole new status. No they don’t have to walk anymore.  They are transported in VIP buses to fulfill their impossible mission and to bring change….

Who needs Superman or Starwars?

The Shmacks are here to make justice and save us! Shmacks Rule baby! Glue on the house! Sniff baby sniff! Everybody get high!

And dinner for Shmacks everyone! Fast!!! Shmack stomachs are growling! Never make a Shmack Wait!

Come on Shmacks, show us those muscles and don’t forget your cape! Go Shmacks Go!

Watch out Feb20: It’s Shmack attack!




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