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Momken Movement Presents: Moroccan Voices For Democracy #JUL1

The organization “Momken” (translates into “It’s possible”) features Moroccans expressing their reasons for voting Yes, No, or for abstaining/boycotting.

One man voting “Yes” said: “I will vote yes because I belong to a political group who has decided to vote Yes. However, I do respect the choice of others to vote No, and I also respect the position of those who chose to abstain, especially that the current project has not met all the expectations and ambitions that we were all waiting for.”

One  woman voting “No” said: “…The State didn’t take any concrete initiative to show its good intentions…and I don’t feel that constitutional change is our first priority. Thus, I have doubt about the constitutional project that is why I will vote No.”

This is the kind of democratic spirit that Moroccans are known for: acceptance of pluralism. A proof that Moroccans are ready for democracy.



2 thoughts on “Momken Movement Presents: Moroccan Voices For Democracy #JUL1

  1. Une mosaique d’avis et d’opinions différents, murs et réfléchis. Oui, le peuple
    marocain est pret pour la démocratie et peut meme se voir comme communauté
    de citoyens vivant sous l’égide d’une monarchie parlementaire pour peu qu’on
    daigne l’écouter et le laisser se prendre en main. Mais apparement cela
    ne fait pas l’affaire de ceux qui préférent le statu quo.

    Merci à Momken.

    Posted by dima | June 30, 2011, 7:51 pm
  2. Dima, Vous l’avez si bien dit. Nous l’aurons notre dignite et notre monarchie parlementaire. Merci Dima!

    Posted by M4C | July 1, 2011, 1:48 am

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