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BBC interview with Zineb Belmkaddem from the #Feb20 Rabat!

Zineb Belmkaddem, a member of the February 20th Movement  in Rabat, provides an excellent overview of the current state of the February 20th movement and the peaceful protests for democracy. She describes the movement as leaderless and democratic. Zineb says: “Every time we come out, it becomes clear that we first want to achieve freedom of expression… and then our demands such as a democratic constitution and a parliamentary monarchy.” Zineb adds: “We’re just trying to get our right to protest peacefully without being killed.” In interview, the BBC journalist invites Zineb to listen to a statement by Prince Moulay Hicham who explains that ‘….for the monarchy to be preserved, it needs to install significant changes that ultimately would lead the monarchy down the path of a constitutional monarchy…’ Zineb agrees with Prince Moulay Hicham by reiterating the movement’s demand for a parliamentary monarchy. She also adds that despite the oppression that it has faced, the Feb20 movement has not radicalized. Enjoy the full interview below:




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