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Benchemsi strikes again

Enjoy this timely piece on Feb20 written by Moroccan journalist Ahmed Reda Benchemsi for Time Magazine.

“the young activists were able to rally growing constituencies among human-rights advocates, leftist groups and the middle-class youth. Even so, the core group of renegades continued to be perceived as little more than a bunch of crazy kids — until they and their sympathizers spearheaded the most powerful wave of change since the kingdom’s independence, half a century ago.”

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One thought on “Benchemsi strikes again

  1. […

    “Are you out of your mind?” asked one young man. “Just because we defend you people against torture, it doesn’t mean we support terrorism. Don’t you impose your creepy agenda on us.

    The bearded man beat a hasty retreat. “No problem, let’s just do a regular prayer,” he said. “We’re all Muslims, aren’t we?”


    I did enjoy the ARB’s timely piece on Feb20 so Thanks M4C and… keep the faith.

    Posted by dima | June 4, 2011, 5:43 am

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