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TIMELINE-Morocco holds referendum on new reforms

“June 30 (Reuters) – Morocco holds a referendum on Friday on a revised constitution that King Mohammed has offered to placate “Arab Spring” street protesters. Here is a timeline on Morocco since the king came to the throne.“ Advertisements

Momken Movement Presents: Moroccan Voices For Democracy #JUL1

The organization “Momken” (translates into “It’s possible”) features Moroccans expressing their reasons for voting Yes, No, or for abstaining/boycotting. One man voting “Yes” said: “I will vote yes because I belong to a political group who has decided to vote Yes. However, I do respect the choice of others to vote No, and I also … Continue reading

Yes or NO: Moroccans abroad CAN vote with an expired Moroccan passport #JUL1

When asked, what if you have dual citizenship, you’re not registered at a Moroccan Consulate and your Moroccan passport is expired….to cast a vote on the upcoming Constitutional Referendum, is your expired Moroccan passport sufficient? And would you need your foreign ID as additional proof?  Consulate’s response (in New York):  “You can’t use a foreign ID, … Continue reading