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Ever heard of Morocco’s Soulaliyates? ~ A must read article! #Feb20

Women in Morocco are losing ground to tradition, prejudice and male greed

Znaïdi is a Soulaliyate, a member of one of the ethnic groups with a stake in Morocco’s commons, or “collective lands”. She is one of the women battling tradition and male greed, which are depriving them of any form of inheritance. For the past three years they have been campaigning as the Soulaliyate Women’s Movement to obtain compensation. Retrospectively they were one of the forerunners of the wave of social and political protest that has shaken Morocco since February, forcing King Mohammed VI to promise constitutional reform.

“The women’s organisations launched the democratic process in our country by engaging for the first time in proper two-sided debate,” says Amina Lotfi, the head of the Democratic Association of
Moroccan Women
(ADFM). “With reform of the constitution, equality between men and women must now become part of the law at every level.” The ad hoc committee convened in March by the king to discuss reform completed its hearings of political parties and trade unions in April. Some 30 women’s organisations gathered to form the Feminist Movement for Democracy and Equality and have a say in the process.

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