Osama Bin Laden dead: Change we can believe in? ~ Open Thread

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While we rejoice at the news on the death of the world’s most wanted terrorist and many people are celebrating his death, families of the 9/11 victims at a press conference today expressed relief, calling the news “bittersweet”, saying that they will never stop grieving the tremendous loss of their loved ones – and understandably so.  But many others out there still have doubts on whether OBL was really killed yesterday, or months, or perhaps even years ago, and suddenly this old video with Benazir Bhutto (referring to Osama being “murdered”) is going viral again too:

Apparently there was a local blogger live-tweeting the “Osama Raid” yesterday, unknowingly:

Via NPR: Raid On Bin Laden Was Live-Blogged, Though The Blogger Didn’t Know It

“A computer programmer who The Associated Press reports is 33-years-old and
lives in Abbottabad, Pakisan, Athar tweeted throughout the night about what he
was hearing — without realizing for hours what was happening.”



3 thoughts on “Osama Bin Laden dead: Change we can believe in? ~ Open Thread

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