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To: Mr. Fizazi, freshly released Moroccan Salafist prisoner, allegedly responsible for Casablanca’s 2003 terrorist attacks.

Congratulations on your newly acquired freedom! If you were truly innocent and arbitrarily imprisoned, those responsible for your misery must certainly be judged and punished. Allegedly, you have masterminded the terrorist attacks that took place in our beloved Morocco in 2003. I really hope you were not behind them, because if you truly were, and found guilty through a due process of law, then your place is surely in prison, as by killing innocent Moroccans, you would have taken the most valuable freedom of all: the freedom to live. My God has no excuse for that. How about yours?

Again, I hope you enjoy your newly acquired freedom and that your future actions will bear positive impacts on your life and the lives of people around you. But as I hear your first statement after your release from jail: I have to tell you that you have not learned anything from the injustice you may have faced, which leads me to think that you were perhaps guilty, and that your release may have nothing to do with the triumph of freedom.

As soon as you were released from prison, you declared: “we need to cleanse the February 20 movement from its atheist members.” Maybe you meant secular, or you did mean atheists.  The two words have different meanings, but from my perspective, it really doesn’t matter. What shocks me is that you are condemning those same people who fought for your freedom, just because they may hold different beliefs. What matters is that you have shown the true colors of your group. Why are you preaching hatred, and dictating rules? And in the name of which God? Which God allows you to call for the purification of the Feb20?

Your statement proves the kind of hatred that you are indeed capable of. It makes me think that you are possibly responsible for the abominable acts perpetrated against innocents in Morocco. I hope that by releasing you, our insane Makhzen didn’t just prove its total madness.

So now, let’s talk about those brave atheists, or secular people that you want to cleanse. It’s quite ironic that your video disappears from Youtube in less than 24 hours. And now you are making contradicting statements about your views on freedom of belief…you are quite the joke! Let’s pretend that you haven’t made those statements, since the video was erased, but if you did, or even if you just hold those beliefs, let me tell you this:

I am a Moroccan, a Muslim. I don’t fast and I don’t pray. I am a woman who went out on Feb20, March 20 and April 24, to fight for the rights of all Moroccans. I consider myself as worthy as men, as smart as they can be, and entitled to every set of rights that they have access to.

Wait, I can hear you think out loud: You don’t fast! You don’t pray! And you dare calling yourself a Muslim?!

But maybe I don’t fast because I have a chronic illness that prevents me from doing so, or maybe I can’t kneel to pray because my body is paralyzed, or maybe I simply believe that fasting, and praying are a waste of my time…The thing is: I am not going to provide you with any explanation. Simply because: it is none of your business. I am entitled to my choices and individually responsible before my God. You have not created me. You are my equal. You are not my God, not even an assigned prophet.  And, if you believe that your job is to strip people of their freedoms in the name of God, then you are less than a man.

Who are you, sir, to decide who is a Muslim or not? I thought God was going to punish each and every one of us individually? Or maybe according to your religion, God will punish us collectively, so you decided to make sure that we were ALL on your right path? Or did God maybe decide that the prophet didn’t accomplish his mission, so you Fizazi, were called to the rescue in order to dictate who is Muslim and who is not, and what punishment should be decided against people? Sheikh Yassine thinks so too. How dare you be so arrogant? How dare you put yourself above people? How dare you speak as if you were God or his prophet?

In the Koran, God insists that on judgment day each and every one of us will be held individually responsible for our actions. But you are calling to cleanse the Feb20 movement, and you have taken God’s role on earth! Is it this pattern of thinking that led you to mastermind the Casablanca attacks? Collective punishment? Punishment against innocents? Is that your Islam?

Morocco has many heroes. Many of them died fighting for independence. Others died during the lead years. They were brave. Some were atheists, some were Jewish, and they loved their country and their countrymen. They wanted a better future for everyone. They fought for your freedom too.

Have you seen all the brave women at the forefront of the Feb20 movement? Some wearing veils, others not. Isn’t it quite symbolic that the first person to call the feb20 protests on the famous Ana maghribiya video, was the beautiful, smart and brave Amina Boughalbi?

Amina and the other fabulous women of the Feb20 face danger everyday so that you and other salafists can be free. They are proud and hold strong convictions: we all deserve to be free. We all deserve justice and equality. We all deserve dignity.  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR MOROCCO?

Women are blessed with the power of self sacrifice and caring, often times, they forget about their own interests. Their natural and caring instinct doesn’t make them inferior to men. Quite the contrary, it gives them the unique strength to withstand what many men may lack in psychological power, but display in physical strength.

Shame on you and your fellow Maghraoui for disrespecting our women! Maghraoui’s statement that women as young as nine are eligible for marriage and sexual intercourse is nothing less than a call for pedophilia. How dare you call for hatred and child exploitation in the name of Islam? In a democratic country, you would be sent to jail in order to protect people from your madness.

Those brave women living in the patriarchal Moroccan culture have yet to tell everyone: this is their revolution too! They hold the promise of the future. Those women, Muslims, atheists, seculars, Jewish, Arabs, Berbers, are entitled to their freedom, including the freedom of belief. They are entitled to enter and exit marriage just like men, they are entitled to choice. They are entitled to equal rights. They are entitled to respect, and dignity. My God knows they deserve it, and my God knows all human beings deserve it.

You and your fellows in hate may rest assured that those you have called the left, the atheists, the liberals, – or whatever label you have deemed insulting- have fought for this country, and they will continue to do so, today more than ever. They will relentlessly fight you, and fight all the enemies of freedom.

Finally, remember, God doesn’t belong to you, and hasn’t appointed you as his prophet on earth. You are simply a human being like other men and women, entitled to your freedom. And remember this simple rule: your freedom stops where my freedom, and the freedom of others, atheists, Muslims, Christians, Jewish, etc, starts.



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  1. “I am a Moroccan, a Muslim. I don’t fast and I don’t pray.”

    Relax! since I’m not “your god”, I’ll not punish you! But instead, I’ll ask you: WHY, sister? Then what’s your proof that you love the One Who created you? You’d maybe say -like a lot of grey Muslims say- that faith is within one’s heart. Ok! Then why are-you calling that man “you are insane”? What if this is the only way for him to show that he’s a devoted muslim ?! “What! are you kidding me?!” No, but fairly, it’s as pointless as pretending to be a Muslim but wait.. without fasting nor praying!

    About those so called atheists, seculars or whatever they may be called, personnaly, and simply, I don’t like them because they don’t like us, as Muslims! Just check the walls of facebook profiles of some Fev,20 faces and you’ll find out!
    How can a group of people who are still insulting the One -Who you are supposed to believe in- represent a new generation of Moroccans, in a country whose motto is “ALLAH, alwatan, almalik” (GOD, Homeland, King) ??!! Who deserve to represent Moroccans according to the so-called greek democracy?

    Like you, I was so angry, I’ve made jokes about those bearded fellows, I was looking at them sarcastically.. and then ended up being bearded as well! you know why? It’s not in the sake of those you are talking about, hardly not. But I realized something wich shattered my whole life: I’ve seen that, so long, persons who really overwhelmed me are among those who sincerely love me! “How the heck?” Well, because I’ve been (and I’m still) an HSP, yet almost no one have considered this. And by kindly telling me that they don’t trust anyone but me, I was meant to make them happy, even by sacrificing my own happiness, I was mean’t to bear their whims, and I payed for that many of my teen-years. Don’t worry, I still love and respect them, but that tought me that only Allah who deserve to be loved for his own being, and after Him, every one should be loved in His sake or, otherwise, beared in His sake.

    As ugly as we may look for you, we’re humans after all! Even if I’m a 23-years-old man, I’ll never deny that, sometimes, I shut myself up to cry, because there’s something called sadness in our lives too. A few years ago when I was off right path, I’ve given up on trying to pick a girlfriend, and now alternatively, I’m giving praises to The One Who led me away from that, because I saved as many “units of love” as I’ll need for my future dear wife with who I’ll honestly feel reponsible, even without those hypocritical love songs aiming at seducing a girl who still doesn’t want to drop out the “Lady in Red” act with every boy that she come across in the street!

    Concerning Maghraoui, I can’t even express my reaction to the web site who bravely promoted his “shameful” fatwa and after that ended up with this:

    To be honest with you, I don’t like Mr Fizazi because of his ideology of making people disbelievers (and I hope he’ll repent to Allah from such misguideness), but for Maghraoui, well [as ironically as it may seem] I suggest you reconsider his case 🙂 !! And just to let you know, even being a jealous Muslim, I personally grant that Karl Marks have said some little nice words in his life, except his whole rubbish.

    BTW, concerning this beard issue, I invite you to take a look at a topic discussed in the following forum about “Beard Vs Profession” according to the Sikhism religion. [Shame on the majority contemporary Muslims !]:

    I will never explose myself claiming a so-called Jihad, I will never hurt an unveiled girl that I met, but instead I WILL CONTRIBUTE IN MAKING A NEW GENERATION OF SINCERLY DEVOTED MUSLIMS -an already ongoing process not only in Morocco-, not by force, but by showing them how to love their religion that shaped the entire existence of a barbarian world as it was back in the era of our beloved Prophet (peace and mercy be upon him), and that’ll be a conclusion of their naked brains unlikely to what you expressed in the picture featuring your article. That’s my ambition, or at least, my dream, and I think I have the right to like all humans. I don’t care if you believe me or not, but at least, bear in mind that you might find something different within the brain of a bearded guy.

    Finally, I don’t know if you’ll somehow change your mind, but remember that as long as love is blind, like lovers say, then so is hate! Therefore, I’ve given up on waiting for people like you to be fair with people like me, since -as it clearly seems- you can’t hold your intensive hatred. If that’s really the case, I’d just tell you.. see you the Day of Judgment, dear sister, because our Lord -yours and mine- will show us THE ULTIMATE TRUTH among all those who are still arguing with each others!


    Posted by amindeed | April 26, 2011, 12:06 pm
  2. Amindeed, Thank you for your comment, and welcome!

    So you are stripping me of my religion too? Who gives you this right? I have absolutely nothing against your beard, nor against any signs of religion, nor against any religion. I am against the message of hatred of Fizazi. I am against dictating life rules. I am for entitlement. I am for each and everyone leading the kind of life that they choose.

    It is ironic that you take my rebuttal to Fizazi as a personal one. Why is that? At the same time, you say that you do not agree with him. How is that? Rest assured: I have nothing against beards or veils. But I deplore the calls for violence, and exclusion, which is what Fizazi did.

    You ask why I don’t fast and pray, and I claim to be a Muslim. you say: “Why sister?” Then you ask me for “a proof.” Who needs a proof? you? why? Or do you mean God needs one? Doesn’t he already know everything? Doesn’t he already know if I love him or not? Can I please just have my own personal relationship with him without your interference? That is exactly what bothers me with Fizazi. Why should I care about providing you or anyone else with a proof? I don’t ask you why you are wearing a beard, or if you fast, or for a proof on the purity of your heart. I don’t even care. And so you shouldn’t dictate rules for people who are different. My article says only God can ask for a proof ( on judgment day) not you, not me, not fizazi. I personally put my trust in people and acceptance, rather than fear of judgment day. To each of us, their beliefs.
    Finally, I am a human being like you, and entitled to my “crazy beliefs,” as long as I don’t threaten to purify you, or hurt you. I am your equal even if you believe that God loves you more than he loves me.

    Posted by M4C | April 26, 2011, 5:09 pm
  3. Thanks for replying.
    Rest assured! If I were stripping you from your religion (as you’re claiming) I wouldn’t address you by “sister”. So, just keep it easy and let’s talk.

    First of all, I wasn’t defending Fizazi, but I rather took him as an example -that you might clearly understand, since almost the whole article is talking about him and “his crew”- to explain to you that every one who’s doing something under the umbrella of religion may claim having good intensions though it doesn’t always look like, thus we need a proof to avoid fooling people (if our acts will affect them) and a proof in front of Alllah as we’ll discuss later in this comment.

    Actually, I have to admit that I’ve somehow gone a bit wild when I started talking about beard! Sorry 🙂 ! But, I just wanted to show that beard or the full-face veil isn’t everything in Salafists’ life though they’re the most apparent parts of it. To cut it off, I’ll just tell every one who still looks to Salafists sarcastically or disgustingly -not you, but there are a lot- that I’ve seen a video on the internet where a man (if we can still call him so) were interviewed. Well, this gentleman has done a plastic surgery of his face to look just like Nancy Ajram! “whaaat?”, yeah because he is a fan of Mrs Nancy. Ok, so if my way of wearing and behaving and even my whole lifestyle seem strange for you, just assume I’m a fan of Muhammad [peace and mercy be upon him] (because that was exaclty how he looked like) and let’s settle all of this mess for good!

    More importantly, you have to make a diffrence between a “Salafist”, and a “Salafi Jihadists”. Fizazi is a Salafi Jihadists while Maghraoui is Salafist. So, basically, Maghraoui isn’t the fellow of Fizazi as you mentioned. Even more, just like you, Fizazi doesn’t like Maghraoui at all! And here is a little proof: “Fizazi – Reply to Maghraoui: [you are] a statist not a scholar”

    What does this mean?

    Well, for this very reason, when someone asks me “Are you Salafist?” I answer: “It depends on what you mean by Salafist” if you mean the famous principle that states “The Quran an Sunna as they were understood by the Ummah’s predecessors (predecessors = in arabic “salaf”)”, I’ll agree with you, but anything beyond this scope isn’t our concern. [BTW, Sheikh Albani -as many others did- talked enough about Salafism in a set of lectures (I think they’ve even been transcripted) entitled “The Notion of Salafism”. You can check them if you don’t want me to deceive you!]

    Mislabeling people Salafists, or even worst, pretending to be Salafist, reminds me of an old-fashioned bunch of chinese Walkmen named “Sunny” to -desperately- make you think about the famous Japanese “Sony”! And personally, as most of people are mixing it all, I prefer the “devoted Muslim” title, or even better, a “willingly devoted Muslim” since I will NEVER EVER think that God loves me more than he loves you! (btw, you really shocked me with your last sentence!). Besides, I grant that there is something in the Quran that acknowledges some of what you said: “So ascribe not purity to yourselves. He [Allah] knows best who is pious” [An-Najm:32]. So there is no need to pretend to be pious. No! The verse says more than that: IT’S PROHIBITED TO PRETEND SO!

    Why Quran and Sunnah as they were exactly understood and interpreted by the Ummah’s predecessors? Why not “a new Islam” adapted to this era?

    Well, asking (not ordering) you to be a devoted Muslim (and I’m not meaning you personally here, but other people in general) doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to live in tents in plain desert, because simply you’ll not be worshiping Allah by doing this. So, riding a camel or cruising a Mersedes, it doesn’t matter at all! What does really matter is how should we -as Muslims- worship Allah? This key question will be divided into several other questions to answer. But first, let’s talk about THE NEED of a unified way of worshiping, and I’ll give a couple of examples for this.

    Two years ago, I’ve gone to the library of our institute to give a book back. The rule in that library is “borrow books in morning, and give them back in the afternoon”. Well, it was a morning, and I wanted to give it back anyway. But the librarian didn’t allow me to and asked me to abide by the rules. Nothing wrong with this, but I asked a friend: “what will happen in the world if I’ll give it back this morning, only for one time?” His answer was really very significant, he said: “Then, what would be your advantage, over all students, that give you the exclusive right to “slightly” break the rule? What will prevent all of them to think like you? How messy things will turn out if all of them will start thinking like you?!”

    I don’t want to bother you with more examples, but just allow me to talk a bit tech now. As an example, the major problem with some promising technologies, as they are almost awkwardly implemented, is a lack of standarization wich lead to a complete incompatibility of solutions and then a lack of interoperability! If technologies weren’t standarized enough, you wouldn’t even be reading this comment!

    Just take a look at what Muslims end up doing when they start to self-interprete religious texts and invent new ways of worshiping instead of following -all of them- the authentic way: They start killing others claiming Jihad, as a very clear example! Besides, I want you to make a search in YouTube about some “bloody” ceremonies of Suffists and Shias, they rather look like Satanists rituals!! (actually, I wouldn’t advice you to, because you’ll have a terrible nightmare!). The point here is far more important than just interfering in others’ business. It’s a human call of duty. Those miserable followers are misguided, and their so-called Sheikhs are simply gathering money from those ceremonies. Shame on them!

    Look, no matter how many people might meet to found a “ultimate Humans Law” there will always be somebody who disagree, the assembly will be then dissolved, and here we go into more sub-parties, and the same process will happen over and over again, with new perspectives, new agendas, and so on and so forth.. I bet you witness -in Morocco- a such experience and deeply understand it, as an aware Moroccan.
    Remember that I’m not necessarily talking politics here, or mixing it with religion (even there wouldn’t be any problem to do so, as the Religion here is Islam), but I noticed that this is the most clear case study.
    So it’s clear that’ll be irregularly and madly expanding to all humans, and that did happen and will still be happening, not because I said that, but because Allah said that: “And if your Lord had so willed, He could surely have made mankind one Ummah (following Islam), but they will not cease to disagree, except him on whom your Lord has bestowed His Mercy and for that did He create them” [Hud:118,119] and we will soon know what the mentioned mercy stands for. So we realize that there is a need of somebody to encompass (not master) all of those minds, and that’s why Messengers were sent to us, because we weren’t created by Allah, The Sage, to be in such disorder and confusion, He sent His Appostle as a proof of His Mercy stated in the following verse “And We have sent you (O Muhammad) not but as a mercy for the Alameen (mankind, jinns and all that exists)” [Al-Anbiya:107]. So a such Prophet shall be loved, and followed, otherwise this Mercy -which is in fact Islam- will be wasted.

    Ok, we came now to the question: Why predecessors?

    Good. We mean by predecessors the Prophet’s (peace and mercy be upon him) companions, their followers and then the followers of followers, as mentionned in this Hadith: “Best of generations are those within whom I was sent, then those who come after them, and then those who come later after them” [Majmoo’a Fatwa Ibn Taymiyah]. Moreover, read carefully the following verse: “And the first to embrace Islam of the Muhajiroon (those who migrated from Makkah to Al-Madinah) and the Ansar (the citizens of Al-Madinah who helped and gave aid to the Muhajiroon) and also those who FOLLOWED THEM EXACTLY (in Faith). Allah is well-pleased with them as they are well-pleased with Him? He has prepared for them Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise), to dwell therein forever. That is the supreme success.” [At-Taubah:100].

    About the proof, do we need any?

    You’re wondering in your reply “Who needs a proof? you?”, well, I would like to have answered with a “NO” before you continued (because you answered the question yourself, with a “yes”).
    I know that Allah, The Almighty, Does not need a proof of love from you, but instead, He asked you (and me, of course) to show it. He said: “Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: ‘We believe,’ and will not be tested. And we indeed tested those who were before them. And Allah will certainly make it known (the truth of) those who are true, and will certainly make (it) known (the truth of) those who are liars, (although Allah knows all that before putting them to test)”[Al-Ankaboot:2,3] But what kind of test? With what should we prove our love and faith? Well, the next verse answers this question: “Say (O Muhammad to mankind): ‘If you (really) love Allah then follow me, Allah will love you and forgive you of your sins. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.'” [Al-Imran:31]. So, that’s the way, and this is how to make this love reciprocal.

    Before continuing, and now that we’ve surrounded the question “how should we -as Muslims- worship Allah?”, what would be wrong now with Salafism if it’s “The Quran an Sunna as they were understood by the Ummah’s predecessors”? You should have been realized that Salafism isn’t a political party, neither an ideology or an association, and thus, if someone who’s supposed to belong to Salamfism do anything wrong, he’s the only person who should be hold reponsible.
    Salamfism is simply a way to live Islam.. for any Muslim Islam-lover!

    Now, sorry but why when it comes to Allah we feel it enough to just say “I love you” ?
    Is this just because He knows everything within us ?
    Then were the people who deliberatly died in His sake stupid ?
    Do you think that all of these Ummah’s good deeds throughout the years were driven by anything other than love?
    Do our parents, children, friends.. suspect our love to them? Then why we often push ourselves to show them love with our deeds?
    Does my friend always in a REAL NEED of my presents when he succeeds ? Then why do I feel the need to give him one ?
    What’s the value-added of this creed that you and I are caring within our hearts ?
    Do we just ought to call it when something unbearable happens in our daily life, like calming tablets ?
    Do you find praying or fasting this difficult? Then why we see children so excited to fast in Ramadan, and pray in mosques?
    Just take a moment and see what Allah Does when He loves someone !
    But in the sake of God! Stop telling me to mind my own business! Have you ever heard about something called “ADVICE” ?!
    Take it easy, I’m not here to preach you, I’m just giving you an advice, like every one would give it to me too.

    Everything is up to you, and this is just a call to introspection…

    Well, now let’s talk a little bit politics. You’re saying that you dream of a Morocco of liberty of beliefs, well, that sounds cool. It reminds me of Eldorado wich Candide was praising! But, without your respect, we’ve done seeing this dream in Cartoons! We should think with our brains, not with our hearts. This isn’t a call to hatred, no. But let’s just think realistic, and see how people’s creeds and ideologies can’t match, and how most of them are the first to provoke Muslims.
    Seculars (who are in major cases atheists) here in Morocco are saying publically that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is a liar and he has written Quran himself to take some worldly benefits, while they do know that no Muslim even dare addressing the Prophet without a “peace be upon him”?! Aren’t they messing with Muslims?
    Shias are still insulting mother Aisha? Aren’t they messing with Sunnis (true Muslims)?
    Quran is still being burned? Aren’t they messing with Muslims?
    Then why are we the only religion who should forgive to others and forget everything, and in turn every Muslim suspected to be part of the so-called Terrorism are sent to Guantanamo, or to Kenitra, here in Morocco?
    Or Did the shiny Western governments with their secularism dazzl you? Well, still being realistic, let’s make a comparison between Morocco and France, as secular state. Constitutionally, Islam is the main religion in Morocco and the King is the “Commander of the Faithful”, while France is -as well- constitutionally a secular state in which citizens should just abide by the law no matter what they believe in. So, don’t you think that we should take circumstances in Morocco due account, while forging this liberty of beliefs?

    And BTW, I strongly recommand you this article (check the link below) : “An Islamic View of Peaceful Coexistence” of Dr. Jaafar Sheikh Idris, if you wanna get an idea about what Salafists think about this:

    As far as Maghraoui is concerned, there is something that I couldn’t understand. You are criticizing me for judging you and you tell me that I don’t have the right since I can’t know what is whithin your heart. Cool, nothing wrong with this. But in the same time, after mentioning Maghraoui and his Fatwa, you indifferently jumped to the odd conclusion that the hidden-agenda of this man is nothing but “a call for pedophilia”!! So I’m just wondering, do some people have the power to delve into hearts to find intensions and others not, or at least not allowed? How do things work here?
    First, I invite you to check the Hespress article that I’ve given you, if you ever care about knowing the truth behind his fatwa, Because I bet that most people are just looking and concluding from caricatures that have been published on magazines and newspapers about him. To sum it up, Fatwa states, in short, “If a girl starts menstruating, she CAN marry”, and that’s a “CAN” not a “SHOULD”. And the age of this condition differ from one girl to another, ant it may even occur sometimes in the age of 9 -and that’s scientifically proved aftre all-, then it’s up to her if she wanna marry or not, but she is religiously elligible to. Note that forced marriages were made by our beloved traditions that we’re now striving to revive, not by Salafists.
    You say “pedophilia” ?! But, did anyone see Maghraoui abducting a little girl after or before that fatwa ?!! Would he look beyond the 4 wives that he has the right to marry ?!! Why all this suspicions ? Then Who deserve to be trusted in this country, up to you ?
    Are those who forged the amazing reputation of a Morocco as a “Sex Tourism land” ??
    Are those behind the released semi-pornographic movies “Made in Morocco” ??
    Are those behind trading in Cannabis and “Qarqubi” ??
    Are those political parties who’re exploiting syndicates to play with strikes as a way of pressure ??
    Are those behind The Polisario Front ??
    Are those who still messing with us, as students, through those ever changing Education Systems ??
    Are those sorcerers to whom we refer everyone who wants to dissolve any happy family ??

    Who ??

    But there is something fishy going over here.
    Why Salafists are getting ghettoized ?
    Do people think that we came from nowhere? Aren’t we Moroccans?
    Don’t Salafists have the right to publicly defend themeselves, since even a murderer caught in plain crime taking a man’s life will have, despite all, the right to a lawyer that will come to the Court and simply say “Err.. Well, my client was under pressure” or “He had some financial troubles” ?
    If our dear mainstream guys of Minister of Habous know that Salafists went astray, why don’t they manage to bring them live on TV in a debate to show their rubbish ideology, and warn people, but instead they keep things hidden, disallow them to perform some lectures and then make people more confused and we know that every person is the enemy of what he ignores?
    Is it denigration, jealousy or fear, or all of that ??
    And if people find that we think rubbish, why is the number os Salafists is still growing, and the transition to Salafism is a common thing between people who came from beliefs or lifestyles which were totally different or even inconsistent ??
    Why Maroc Telecom is still blocking Maghraoui’s web site ? is this the freedom of speech that we’ve been taught all along ? Isn’t that web site a relevant place from wich we can bring some real evidences ?
    Why when something rises against Salafists almost ALL local newspapers start writing things which aren’t in their favour (and wich are in most cases stereotypes), while we very rarely find a piece of paper talking neutrally about them and without any sign of hatred ?
    Aren’t out there someone who will defend them (without being Salafist oneself) like “heterosexuals” do for “homosexuals” when they bravely start talking their minds ?!!
    Till when this kind of one-sided conversation ?!
    Just what are freedom and rights in this country, after all ??

    It seems that’s our turn to tell people: OPEN YOUR MIND !

    Know that two things come out thanks to all of this : discrimination + paranoia. And that makes a dialog with Salafists -wich is crucial to achive the ongoing so-called democracy and freedom- difficult or awkward, leading into spirals of social troubles, and makes things darker. Then people will still call us Wahabis, Extremists, Terrorists, Rationalists, (have I missed any?).. well, we are what we are! We know that no matter what we’ll do, you’ll NEVER EVER set your mind free!

    Concerning women, well, if I’ll get married soon, and only if that’ll sound interesting for you, I can really invite you to sip some tea with my wife to see how a Salafist woman live in her husband’s house. They don’t submitt to us, men, but we equally submit to Allah. They are not terrorized to wear their veils, most of them are doing it deliberatly and even bear -by their own choice- every opression because of it, and they aren’t stupid enough to have their brain washed in order to make them do it.
    At this point, the situation reminds me of the “anti-Maths” guy who’s wondering: “Why the heck would I learn a thing like square root of the number 2? Would I tell the grocer: give me square root of the number 2 kilos of potatoes ?!” 🙂 how many time do we need to explain to him where this strange number came from, and what humanity achieved thanks to it? I’m telling this because there are things that can’t be explained in a comment on an article, but FREE explanations do really exists and you have to show some interest and neutrality and keep your emotions aside for a while to be able, like I’ve been able a few years ago, to understand. Scholars aren’t claiming to know every thing and they don’t pretend to have the exclusive right to preach you even if you don’t like it. But take my advice if you want, try to find a trustworthy moderate scholar, and behave with him like you behave with a doctor when he tell you that you shouldn’t consume sugar anymore (well, I’m just giving an example, I wish you good health! 🙂 ) do you tell him: It can’t be?! man, are you sexist? then what will happen in the world if I put a spoon of sugar into my tea cup? Do you think that you are smarter than me, or more knowledgable than me? No, you won’t tell that. The only explanation is that you assume that this doctor has learned and trained enough to be able to tell such things. And that’s the case with people dealing with religion, even they can give you proofs that you’ll personally grant as logical. I don’t know if people think that those preachers are sitting in air-conditioned rooms, holdind iPads on their knees and scrolling up an down a googled web pages containing a dozen of Quran verses or Hadiths !! Please don’t belittle Salafists, because most of them had given their lives to Islam. Just pick a detailed bio of one of them, like Albani (whose origins are from the famous Albania), and check yourself. So we have to show some respect for their efforts, at least.

    Finally, I have to say that everyone should know that history has some checkpoints, so sooner or later we’ll find out who’s really honest in this wild world which Morocco is a part of. A lot of people and organizations are loosing the power of deceiption they’ve had over the years, and a lot of things are making sense. So we’d just lean back, sit and watch.


    Posted by amindeed | April 28, 2011, 3:53 am
  4. I know that no one would care about a such old post now, and everybody would rather expect a comment on the last king’s speech.
    But my conscience urged me to come back and withdraw what I said in my earlier comments about Fizazi as of when I read his last article on Hespress responding to Said Lakhel.
    I tracked many statements showing that he has reviewed some of his old books, articles and researches that was written in special circumstances and has later deliberately retreated from his positions included in them. He also says that he strongly denounces considering people unjustly as “disbelievers”.

    I recommend reading the article to know more.
    (Arabic) http://www.hespress.com/?browser=view&EgyxpID=32871

    May Allah guide us all to The Right Path.


    Posted by amindeed | June 17, 2011, 10:19 pm
  5. well spoken, amindeed.

    Posted by frt | July 7, 2011, 3:34 pm
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