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Next Step for the #Feb20 Movement: Proposing Change

The feb20 movement’s contestation campaign has been highly successful, drawing on larger protests by the day, rallying new representatives of the civil society, and creating the right momentum for change. The Feb20 contestation strategy fulfilled its mission: it pointed to the right issues, using the right momentum building tools, and reaching out wide and large to every social group. What’s more, the spontaneous character of the contestation process transcended the political debate in order to launch a genuine artistic uprising that is set to become a landmark of Morocco’s 2011 Cultural Revolution. The youth have displayed exceptional social media talent. They have used digital media as a tool of excellence and prime outlet to let their imagination free and launch a new era of unplugged politics. They have gathered thousands of online followers, cheerful fans, and faithful consumers of everything Feb20.  Their cultural input will surpass in impact what the controversial Mawazine event tries to achieve every year in months of organizational intricacies and millions spent.

It is also easy to enumerate some of the immediate political victories of the movement….[read the rest at Mamfakinch]



One thought on “Next Step for the #Feb20 Movement: Proposing Change

  1. Hey M4c,
    This question may be a little off-topic, agenda, people leading the movement, etc

    Posted by maroc annonces | February 27, 2012, 8:42 pm

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