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The Makhzen Dictates #Feb20

If this isn’t ridiculous!

A meeting was interrupted several times in Nador City, because the King’s picture was absent. The authorities bring in the King’s picture…then decide that is wasn’t displayed properly. They interrupt the meeting one more time to hang it up on the wall, replacing Abdelkrim Khatabi’s picture in the center (A.K.A the Amazigh leader of the Moroccan resistance against the Spanish colonizer), which was moved to the side.



One thought on “The Makhzen Dictates #Feb20

  1. Bastards. I rather stare at a wall than fuck face of m6. I despise the mtf.
    Morons worship him as if he is some God or something. Bunch of ass kissers.
    I never that some moroccans can go that low and bow so they can get lagrima
    Bunch of losers with no self respect


    Posted by Abou youssef | April 13, 2011, 2:24 pm

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