Why No to Mennouni’s Commission: the Explanation by a #Feb20 member ~ #mar20

Today, hundreds of members representing the Feb20 movement protested in front of the Moroccan parliament in Rabat to ask for the dissolution of Mennouni’s Commission. A Feb20 movement member explains why the group rejects Mennouni’s Commission:

“Because the Commission was nominated on the basis of article 19 of the Constitution, which in our opinion represents the backbone of the political structure in Morocco and a platform that promotes tyranny.   Because the Commission emphasizes the logic of tutelage and because it is an extension of the patriarchal culture that we reject and confront.  Because we are attached to the principles that led to emergence of the February 20th movement. Because we are fighting for a democratic constitution that breaks away from imposed constitutions. Because we are fighting for a political board elected by the Moroccan people. Because we don’t see change coming unless the government and parliament dissolve, as well as all the institutions elected through fake elections or nominated through a top to bottom approach. Because we believe that freedom and dignity are not achieved unless the Moroccan people regain their will and their right to choose. Because we will not give up. We will succeed or we will die. Because we don’t betray our covenant, and we will not turn our back to the future. Because we have promised and we will hold our promise. We will succeed, inevitably.”

Original Text in Arabic:

لماذا نرفض لجنة المنوني

لأنها لجنة معينة بناء على الفصل 19 الذي يشكل في نظرنا عصب النزام السياسي المغربي والقاعدة التي يبنى عليها الاستبداد،

لأنها تكرس منطق الوصاية على الشعب

لأنها امتداد لثقافة السلطة الأبوية التي نرفضها ونواجهها

لأننا متشبثون بالأرضية التأسيسة لحركة 20 فبراير

لأننا ننضال من أجل دستور ديمقراطي يقطع مع الدساتير الممنوحة

لأننا ننضال من أجل هيأة تأسيسة منتخبة من طرف الشعب المغربي

لأننا لانرى للتغيير مبدء إلا بحل الحكومة والبرلمان وكل الهيآت والمجالي المنخبة المزورة والمعينة من فوق

لأننا نعتبر أن مقدمة الحرية والكرامة لا تتحقق إلا باسترجاع الجماهير الشعبية لإرادتها وحقها في الاختيار

لأننا لا نستسلم ننتصر أو نموت

لأننا لا نخون عهدنا ولا نولي ظهورنا للمستقبل

لأننا وعدنا وسنفي بوعدنا

سننتصر لا محالة



4 thoughts on “Why No to Mennouni’s Commission: the Explanation by a #Feb20 member ~ #mar20

  1. No To Mennounni Commission. No To M6. No to every politician & party in Morocco.
    I think they should all be arrested, and their assets confiscated nfor crimes against Moroccans.
    One can’t deny the fact that millions of families suffered during the last 50 years in Hassan’s Era and His son’s as well.
    One can’t deny that they are the culprit in all those crimes against Moroccans. Moroccans suffered for 50 years and their kids will suffer even more for generations to come because of the actions or lack of by those thieves.
    Unless we rid Morocco of all those blood suckers, no positive thing will be achieved.
    that s my take

    Posted by MoroccanLove | April 8, 2011, 7:42 pm


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