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Everyone who follows Morocco’s February 20 protests knows “Mamfakinch” by now.  If you don’t already, you definitely should check them out: Mamfakinch.  You can also follow them on Twitter & Facebook.

Mamfakinch is a news portal that was launched just before the February 20 protests were scheduled to take place, primarily with the intent to provide independent coverage and information related to the protests.  They have done a tremendous job keeping everyone informed since then and the term “Mamfakinch” went on to become a popular slogan amongst the pro-democracy crowd, sort of taking on a life of its own.

So what does “Mamfakinch” exactly mean, you ask?

It means “no concession” as in “entangled”, “unyielding”, “not giving in”…

The following video surfaced today, with a parody on the entanglement and the divisive nature of the current debate between the Moroccan nationalist/pro-monarchy crowd on one side and the pro-change & democracy crowd on the other.  The pro-monarchy demonstrations are scheduled to take place on April 10, which is referenced in this parody representing the one side of the argument, and “Mamfakinch” in this case is used as a slogan representing the other side.

The first guy starts out by asking: “Are you going out (to protest) on April 10?”

The second guy answers: “Yes, I’m going.  How about you?”

First guy: “I’m not going.”

Second guy slaps him: “You’re going!”

First guy: “I’m not going!”

They go on slapping each other back and forth till the second guy finally says that he’s “not going”.

The video ends with the first guy saying: “We’re not going out (to protest), no concessions!”



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