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There’s a great lesson to be learned from the British Monarchy

Should a democracy have a King Wills and Queen Kate? : “There are damagingly undemocratic elements in the British political system – above all, the House of Lords – but the monarchy is not high among them. If we are talking about the power of a single unelected individual, Rupert Murdoch is a far greater … Continue reading

Terrorist Attack in Morocco

Blast in Morocco tourist cafe kills 14: (Reuters) – An explosion killed 14 people, including foreigners, on Thursday in a busy cafe in the Moroccan tourist destination of Marrakesh, and authorities said the initial signs were that it was a criminal act. [read more]

Zakaria Moumni and The Moroccan Dream

If you wonder who Zakaria Moumni is and why we are writing about him, please read this Human Rights Watch Report, watch this youtube video, and listen to what Zakaria has to say here and here. On April 9th, M4C tweeted the Minister of Youth and Sports, @moncefbelkhayat, to request more information about the case. … Continue reading