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How Many #Feb20 Movements Are There Morocco? We’ve got a list

Egypt had one youth movement spearheading the fight for change and democracy on Facebook: 6th of April Youth Movement.

How about Morocco?

Well, as it turns out, not only do we have our own youth movement for change, we also have a bunch of other movements too. So as an attempt to help raise awareness, connect the dots and help strengthen the cause, we’re compiling a list here of all the Moroccan movements/groups that have been launched since the “February 20 Movement For Change” kicked off. If we have missed any, please let us know.

Thanks in advance.

Pro-Change/Democracy/Separation of Powers:

February 20 Movement [Arabic, French]
Support groups:
Moroccans For Change (that’s us!) [English]
We Can Change [French, Arabic]
February 20 [Dutch]

Against February 20 [Arabic]


Support groups:

Moroccan Royalist Alliance [Arabic, French]


Anti-monarchist Movement [French, Arabic]


Anti-Mawazine [Arabic]

Petition Supporting The February 20 Youth Movement

So why is this happening? Why so many?

Are Moroccans united in their fight for change? Yes? No? Maybe?
Is there a disconnect or lack of communication between groups?
Is there a Google or Facebook Search Engine Optimization problem?
Is there a need to claim ownership or leadership of the change movement?
Is there a language barrier, because Moroccans are multilingual and ethnically diverse?
Are Moroccans afraid to share information on the movement with their friends on their Facebook profiles?
Or, is it some special ambush tactic to shock & awe the Moroccan government?
Whatever the case may be, we’re glad to see so many Moroccans getting over the fear factor and joining the public debate.
Carry on Morocco, united we stand and we shall overcome!



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