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The Witch Hunt #Feb20 #mar30 #khitab #Morocco

Out they came carrying brooms, with signs of “Dégage!” their change agenda looms.

Holding their list of endless demands; Are these brooms or are they magic wands?

They want the government out, Veolia out, the Adviser out, the Walis out, the Fassis out, the Parties out. YOU too bother me, get out!

Will they spare anyone in their big cleaning day? They want marinas out, the ocean can stay.

They will kick corruption out, and bring jobs this way.

They want French out and Amazigh in. They sent yesterday out; Tomorrow? Welcome, come in!

They forgot their plumes, costumes and balloons, my Moroccans singing the grand change tunes.

Who cares about the referendum or the constitution in June?

They can bring change with nothing but their brooms.




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