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March 20th Winners and Losers ~ #Mar20 #Feb20


The Youth movement: It has proved a determination for change, and it has successfully mobilized Moroccans around its agenda. Moroccan youth have shown that they have taken charge of their future.

All Moroccans: Tomorrow can only be better. The veil over Morocco’s political, social and economic malaise has been lifted. Moroccans are now engaged in a genuine civic debate, and there is no going back.

The King: By speaking about change, he has strengthened his ties to the youth, Morocco’s future generation. If he commits to them, they will commit to him, and to the monarchy for many generations to come. If King Mohamed VI answers the demands for change, history will remember him as a change-maker, and as the man who turned Morocco into a regional model for democracy and freedoms.

Morocco: A Big A+ to Morocco and the peaceful revolution for change. It is indeed a regional model. By building their revolution around the king rather than against him, Moroccans revealed their astute political judgment. They gave Morocco a tangible chance to continue on a more meaningful path for reforms. Slowly, but surely, Morocco is entering a new era of respect for cultural diversity, allegiance to human dignity and freedoms, and more equal economic opportunities.

The world: Today, Moroccans stand out as peace and freedom loving-people. They have shown the world that they can stand up for their rights forcefully, but peacefully. Arabs, Imazighen, Islamists, and leftists successfully reached out to each other to shape their common future and a better destiny for all. The world needs more examples like this.

Obviously, the list of winners is longer than the losers’ one.


Supporters of the status quo, aka Makhzen and its cronies: Now that the king himself supported change, what else can they do? The King’s speech and expected commitment to the youth movement will slowly take away their manipulation tools, and the Makhzen power will weaken. Those supporting the status quo are faced with only one option: adapt to the new Morocco and embrace meaningful change. With or without them, the train is moving forward.



3 thoughts on “March 20th Winners and Losers ~ #Mar20 #Feb20

  1. “A Big A+ to Morocco and the peaceful revolution for change.”

    You think it will remain peaceful if supporters of the status quo decide to FIGHT back?

    Posted by monma | March 23, 2011, 10:44 am
  2. It’s very hard to predict what will happen going forward. One thing is sure social pressure needs to continue but it also needs to be more focused on the issues, and set realistic demands…it’s tricky. Right now, everyone is demanding something. The Moroccan government has just supported a UNSC resolution to allow a no fly zone in Libya in order to protect protesters. How would it look like internationally if it used its fist in its own country? This is a tricky one too.

    Posted by M4C | March 23, 2011, 9:27 pm


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