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Moroccan-Dutch Diplomats Blow The Whistle On Morocco ~ #Feb20

Moroccan Embassy Taking Advantage Of Staff

Many employees of the Moroccan embassy and consulates in the Netherlands are in financial trouble. Labor union Abvakabo FNV is concerned about the approximately sixty employees recruited in the Netherlands. They get paid too little and have no legal means to do something about it.

It concerns employees with a Dutch passport or a residence permit who were recruited in the Netherlands and are subject to the Dutch labor laws. In any case, some of them get paid less than minimum wage.

The embassy and four consulates make little to no contribution to income tax or Social Security, said Abvakabo. The Dutch tax administration agency then turns to the employees, who then still have to pay the amounts owed.

Taking it to court wouldn’t make much sense, according to the labor union. Even if the court rules in favor of the employees, the employer, the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cannot be forced to carry out the sentence.

Abvakabo has requested a meeting with the Moroccan ambassador several times, but got no response.  The labor union and staff are planning to bring attention to this case in parliament, where they will present a petition on Tuesday next week.

The Moroccan Embassy could not be reached for comment.

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