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Iran’s Press TV sends off bad juju on King Mohamed’s proposed constitutional reforms

Wanna have a chuckle?  Get a load of this:

“Similar to other Arab monarchical rules, Mohamed VI is trying to tie his political position to religious concepts. He calls himself Amir al-Mu’minin [the Leader of the Faithful — the title of Imam Ali, the first imam of the Shia Muslims] and expects all the Muslim of the world to pledge allegiance to him.”
Wait….there is more:
“The monarch has excelled his Jordanian relative and decided to implement reforms before revolution reaches his palace. He did not specify, when he would live up to his promises. The deceiving and attractive points of his plan take not too short a while and to ensure the public, he has to take some immediate measures.”
Heh??  Not sure if this is bad juju or bad English. 

Read the whole joke here…. 🙂



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