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International Women’s Day ~ 100th Anniversary

First a moment of silence for Fadoua Laroui…victim of social injustice against single women in Morocco and a big loss for all of us.  May she rest in peace.

The list of Moroccan women we would like to honor and thank is long, so we’d like to start by naming a few and invite everyone else who wishes to add to the list to do so either by sharing a comment, a blog post or whatever medium you prefer to use.

Happy Anniversary to women all over the world!

A big shout-out to…..

Aicha Ech-Channa

Khadija Ryadi

Hakima Himmich

Najat M’jid

Our little tribute to Moroccan women at the forefront of blazing new trails, reaching new milestones, raising the bar on the fight for women’s plights and helping make the world a better place. 



2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day ~ 100th Anniversary

  1. Beautiful! Thank you M4C! We are so proud of our wonderful Moroccan women!

    Posted by Moroccan | March 8, 2011, 3:30 pm

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