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How Many #Feb20 Movements Are There Morocco? We’ve got a list

Egypt had one youth movement spearheading the fight for change and democracy on Facebook: 6th of April Youth Movement. How about Morocco? Well, as it turns out, not only do we have our own youth movement for change, we also have a bunch of other movements too. So as an attempt to help raise awareness, … Continue reading

Nick Kristof Tweets Morocco ~ #feb20 ~ #khitab

For those who are not familiar with Nick Kristof. He is a New York Times columnist, best known for his commitment to human rights reporting, and often labeled as the moral conscience of the current generation of journalists. M4C tweeted Nick Kristof to ask about an explanation of his March 13th tweet about ‘how Morocco … Continue reading

Moroccan Parliament Demands Accountability – Is this a first? #Feb20

A couple of weeks ago, we published a post on how Moroccan-Dutch Employees at the Moroccan Embassy in The Netherlands were blowing the whistle on Morocco,¬†because they are being taken advantage of financially, and have no legal means to do something about it.¬† Well now there is a follow-up on the situation and we’ve been … Continue reading